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.~ Endless Days ~.

"I am a selfish and self-righteous human being. To clear my own shame, I used your power. Not for anyone else! But for myself!!"

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Ending Kuroshitsuji Book Of Circus

Cantante: AKIRA

Cancion: Aoki TsukI Michite

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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus TV Series
OP 1 Song - Enamel

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The Nightray Dukedom

Thanks for 800+ followers!

I want to say that I love all my followers with all my heart, because I know that all of you are wonderful persons, and each one of you deserve the best. Thanks for all.

With my best wishes:


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The Rainsworth Dukedom

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pure by ( fujiimoon )

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original  || charming 

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The colours were too light previously, so I darkened it. I also put some of these up on Society6.

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Sakura (part 1) [by Rin.U

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In that place, you saved me." ————-the garden of words, 2013.

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