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Me, Myself and Time.


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Anime: Inu x Boku SS

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 "I was rejected, never given any expectations. ... Then at least, I won't be a burden to others. It's alright if the only one who's hurt is me...!" - Oz Vessalius

Happy Birthday yumesenpaii ♡  { 13/ 06 /14 } - [3 / 7]

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pandora hearts calendar 2014 - may

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Characters: Gilbert Nightray & Oz Vessalius
Manga/Anime: Pandora Hearts
Fanart by: shionmion (dA)

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When I’m standing in the fire,
I will look him in the eye
And I will let the devil know that
       - I was brave enough to die

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make me choose: Eliot Nightray or Hijikata Toshiro asked by nozusagi

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Thank you all for 1000+ followers!
   I would have not been here without you all!
    Thank you ♥

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Catch him, crow! Carry him, kite!

Take him away till the apples are ripe;

When they are ripe and ready to fall,

Here comes baby, apples and all.

- The Oxford Nursery Rhyme Book

Retrace 78: Decision

(aka whoa shit this fanart makes sense now!)

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